The MM programme -

Step 1 – to come to the body and attend.

Step 2 – to open our consciousness to the interior wakefulness, under the surface.

STEP 1 is called GROUNDING or SAMA STHITI and the STEP 2 is called ORIENTATION or UNNARVOO, as mentioned in the ancient Siddha path.

The Minimalistic Movement programme is based on the principles of ONA THALLU (pushed by the current), a part of Kalari-Yoga dimension, belonging to Palpandian’s Siddha Guru-lineage.

When the body is no longer dragged by the temporal, it reflects the Absolute. The foundation course includes various forms of body-based sentient movement inclined to awaken body-based-awareness. Various practices show us how to come with attention to the body and surrender to that arena. We explore how to open ourselves to what the body wants to show us and what it wants us to know. This nature of embodied meditation involves paying attention to the body and/or being conscious of the physical form. Exploration ranges from using minimal movement or sensing the wholeness of our body, to resting our attention upon physical sensations, patterns or on subtler energy flowing through our body. Spatiality is an important aspect of embodiment, which is also explored and relates to getting to know the physical boundary of our body - the skin-envelope. A primary approach in this programme is the attitude under which all of the exploration is carried out. Allowing oneself to remain in openness, acceptance, without prejudice, regiment or any intentional or conscious agenda is a large part of the exploration. While the body-based protocols and practices under the MM programme are foundations for body-sense awakenings, these also hold the potential for the entire journey to Self Realisation. Palpandian's Guru-lineage emphasises that the spiritual is, from the start, inherent in the material - not only our physical form, but also in the larger body of our incarnated environment – the cosmos. The real spiritual journey begins from within the depths of our incarnation and culminates by exploring our own actual experience as it progressively reveals itself, through our practice, in our life.

In the MM programme, embodiment practices aim to soften the boundary, between our, highly intentional restricted conscious ego mind and the limitless, natural domain of the body. Our ego-mind begins to tap into and connect with the physical awareness that is already going on in our body. In this larger field of consciousness we are conscious like earlier, yet differently so. We uncover an entirely different experience of our body. We find in our body an unimaginable vista of spaciousness. We experience a fundamental change in our perception and the arising of a fresh and endless world of possibilities for ourselves and our lives.