The Siddha Tradition is one of the oldest known science-of-spirituality to Man. What began as an Oral lineage of the Guru-sishya parampara later evolved to writing on palm leaves which served as their scriptures handed down over generations. One may question the present day efficacy of this prevedic tradition, but efficacy but despite its archaicity, the knowledge is legitimate not in one but all dimensions of life. With such ancient roots the knowledge is unimaginably vast, but, something characteristically definitive shines forth making it hard not to get drawn into their world. The Siddha tradition in all Her entirety continues to intrigue those who seek Her out. The knowledge of this primarily spiritual tradition has been born from divine communion such as yogic visions. Through spiritual practices the Siddhas experienced and examined Natures laws such as the cosmic gravitational energy field, global energy field and the descending cosmic energy field. According to these patterns, intersections and synergistic effects, they formulated the ancient sciences.


Being mystical in nature, with an unconventional demeanour, this Tradition has not exactly earned a place amongst the more popular mainstream traditions. One reason could be the way the knowledge is encoded. Their verses flow in cryptic form, are not easy to decipher and are riddled with multiple hidden meanings. Those whom have succeeded in latching onto the Siddhas way of expression are the few who continue this precious lineage. One glance at the ancient Tamil verses would be peripheral participation which won’t give results. Even detailed reading of their scriptures, in search of information, will get you none. The primary and only way would be to step in and belong to this tradition. It is only by immersing yourself in their generous ocean of wealth can one unfold and unravel the cryptic meanings. And without the driving force of a Guru, a seeker most often encounters little – this being a primary tenet of this tradition.