2nd edition (2019)

We are happy to say the second edition of Siddhas - Masters of the Basics, by Palpandian is now globally available under the title Siddhas - Masters of Nature by Palpandian, through any of the links provided below.

The first edition came out in 2008, and the changes in this past decade begged the same in the tone of the writing. The critique tone of Masters of the Basics was actually set between 2000 and 2004. The second edition appreciates the peoples growing awareness of the spiritual world and and its aspirants. People are more ready to work on themselves and put it the needed sacrifices. Siddhas Masters of Nature, is a sculpted version of its predecessor. For readers seeking an overview of the entire Siddha Tradition and its dimensions, Masters of Nature takes you through its most vital dimensions, such as healing and medicine, alchemy, science of Varma, Siddha yoga, Siddha tantra etc. The final chapter is a culmination of all the dimensions and stands integrated with the Siddhas teachings as well as the insights gained by Palpandian along his personal quest on this path.

We would like to thank all those readers who have contacted us with appreciation for the book and we hope the second edition will equally become a part of their lives as the first. Learning about an ancient tradition doesn’t happen over one book, or even over one lifetime. Although people have heard of the Tamil Siddhas they have not been able to connect with the spirit of the tradition, which left their spiritual practice lacking the riches extolled by the Siddhas teachings. For Palpandian, the Siddha tradition is a vast and compassionate enigma that must be approached with reverence and humility. He is indebted to his Guru and Guru lineage for their grace and teachings in the most delicate and understated aspect of Siddhas spirituality - how to actualise. Even after procuring all the methods and parameters for spiritual practice, the key that unlocks the doors to the Beyond remains elusive. The underlying theme of SIddhas Masters of Nature is this key.

We hope the readers get a glimpse enough into the world of the Siddhas which helps them decide if this path resonates with them or not.

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Rivulets of the Absolute is a compact and well-written personal journey taken by Steve in the Siddha tradition. It describes his path as it weaves through the different dimensions of this tradition, highlighting their typicality and the discovery of the underlying connectivity binding them all.