Vanakkam it all started as a couple of Siddha doctors, after hearing about the Free Medical Services of Thiru.Palpandian, sought for His appointment for their patients who were suffering from some very severe and hard-to-treat illnesses. Actually they used those patients as a means of meeting Thiru.Palpandian, who is very busy with His heavy schedule. At some time, He was seeing 300 patients a day…actually day and night. And He was treating all of them completely free of cost, as per the promise He made to His Guru.

The Siddha doctors after having some interactions with Thiru.Palpandian, naturally wanted to learn the basics of Siddha methods of treating, including Varmam, another aspect of Siddha Medicine. The Teacher was graceful in accepting those students. That was the wish of His Guru also. The classes started and continued for a few more batches as the demand was always there, of course increasing every day.

Thiru.Palpandian belongs to a particular Siddha lineage – the Siddhas of Kanja Malai. In any Siddha Lineage, physical wellness is actually an additional benefit of walking in the Inner Path. As the Siddha doctors got introduced with Him, naturally they could sense the other dimension of Him – and those got the proximity also learnt a few practices that would help their inner growth.

The day came when Thiru.Palpandian received the message from His Guru to start teaching what He learnt from His Siddha Tradition to the public. And the first Minimalistic Movement workshop was conducted at Tiruvannamalai in April 2017.

Minimalistic Movement Workshops are the first step in the inner journey. The participants are being guided further in the path depending upon their sincerity and regularity of their practices which will be showing as changes which the Master alone would be able to recognize.

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